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It is rare that I write a review and shame on me because they usually influence my decision to purchase, but I have to share the wonders of this product. I have an autoimmune disorder that affects the moisture levels in my skin. Search as I may I never found a moisturizer that would stay with me, I constantly re-applied the lotion and I tried almost every lotion on the drugstore shelf. Recently, I purchased Lux Skin Sweet Almond Oil and to my amazement it does everything it claims to do. It took a few days of applications before I noticed that my skin was remained soft for most of the day, I started using it after my shower and found that I didn't need to re-apply it until the next day. I use it as a moisturizer, cuticle oil, even sparingly on my face. It has a faint fragrance, but is barely noticeable. After applying you will have to wait a few minutes for it to soak in and then you're good to go. I haven't used it on my hair yet, but I did buy a second bottle to leave next to the kitchen sink. If you are a user of argan oil you'll find this much better....it truly soaks right into your skin .....how novel, a true skin "moisturizer". - AA



Have really enjoyed using this [LUX Coconut Silk] coconut oil for both my hair and for my skin care needs. The coconut oil is very luxurious and feels so nice to put on my skin. This product does not leave you overly greasy, but just moistened enough that you are not dry when you wake up. Which is a big factor for me. This coconut oil has a very lovely scent and is not overpowering like some others I have tried. I would definitely recommend this brand for the quality of the coconut oil they have produced." - Ally 


"Great lightweight easy to absorb oil that makes my skin feel amazing! I have had ridiculously dry skin for as long as I can remember. The kind of dry skin you can write your name in with your nail. With the Lux Coconut Oil I can apply it in the morning, it is light weight enough that it absorbs almost immediately and the lasts through the day. I put it on again in the evening and again, it absorbs quick enough that I can go to bed with no issues of getting the oil on my sheets. I love this stuff! I can even put it on the ends of my hair and it again absorbs quickly leaving my hair feeling great and not at all oily." - Fenix


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