Hair Oils Comb by Kent

$ 14.99 $ 19.99

Are you looking for the perfect comb to use your Lux oils in your hair?

We highly recommend Kent combs! These are prefect for combing your oils through your hair without tangling or pulling your scalp.

This comb is faux tortoishell, hand polished to glide through the hair without causing damage or scratching the scalp.

Handmade 200mm large handled rake comb, wet/thick hair, coarse hair. 

Plastic quills have carefully rounded ends to tease their way through tangled hair without pulling or tugging.

Founded in 1777, Kent Brushes are renowned for our outstanding reputation and remarkable title as the world's oldest hairbrush manufacturer.

They are the finest combs in the world. 

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 ** We do NOT RECOMMEND using a brush to apply your oils through your hair. A brush can be very difficult to clean. So each time you use your brush the residual oil will get in your hair. ** 


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