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Almond Oils 4.7 out of 5 Stars

I absolutely love this skin oil. I put it on just out of a hot shower while my skin is still damp. This is the easiest application method I have tried. There is no scent that I can detect so I'm considering purchasing an essential oil blend and adding a few drops. My skin is moisturized and healthy feeling. - Linda 

"This Almond Oil is nothing short of amazing! My skin has never felt so soft and smooth, and there's no greasy feel after applying. Added bonus is that it's unscented! I absolutely love this stuff!" Latrelle, April 2015 
"Great carrier oil for EO's. I also use it several times a day on my hands and nightly on my face. I also use on my hair to help with frizzes. Helps with chapped hands. My hands are in water constantly throughout the day and this helps tremendously. The pump spout gives out the perfect amount needed. Will order again as needed" -Tiellady April 2015 

Coconut Oils 4.9 out of 5 Stars

"Thanks to the great communication from Lux, I am happily bumping this right back up to 5 stars where it belongs! I try very hard to give accurate, quality reviews that can be relied upon to help other consumers find fantastic products BEFORE they buy! This oil has been amazing and I am thrilled with my purchase of it! I highly recommend it for anyone... whether you work with essential oils or not. This is honestly my absolute favorite general "carrier" oil yet!

I am pretty thoroughly impressed with the Lux company as well... They have been extremely helpful and informative, and always polite and pleasant, even when I was cross-examining their product. I guess when you have a product this good, you don't need to get defensive when someone questions something about it... You just kindly answer any questions and provide great customer service. Funny... That is exactly what this company does! Excellent product from a top notch company!" ~ A. Kelly August 23, 2015 
"Have really enjoyed using this coconut oil for both my hair and for my skin care needs. The coconut oil is very luxurious and feels so nice to put on my skin. This product does not leave you overly greasy, but just moistened enough that you are not dry when you wake up. Which is a big factor for me. This coconut oil has a very lovely scent and is not overpowering like some others I have tried. I would definitely recommend this brand for the quality of the coconut oil they have produced. " ~ Ally, August 21, 2015 
I was surprised at how much I really liked this stuff!! I use plain coconut oil already for my hair and skin (just a large tub of organic oil I got from the grocery) and I love it. But I think I like this stuff much better.

The down side is it's more expensive. But the plus side does make up for it. To start, the coconut scent is not nearly as strong with this product. Now I don't mind the smell of coconut at all, but that doesn't necessary mean I want to walk around smelling like it all the time. This oil is a lot more subtle. Another great thing is that it is already liquid so its a bit easier to work with, as opposed to what I have from the grocery that I have to warm up a bit to melt.

"I have been using this on my legs and they feel fantastic. It is especially great after shaving and it seems to help a lot with razor burn and bumps. I also used it as a hair mask and it worked wonderfully." ~ Christine, August 31, 2015 
"Item received quickly and well packaged
I received this product at a reduced cost in exchange for an honest review
After a summer in the sun my hair was so dry and straw looking
After applying this product my hair is looking shinny again and not dry
Highly recommended" - Anonymous September 8, 2015  

Grape seed Oil 4.9 out of 5 Stars

"I have sensitive, reactive, allergic rosacea skin. Have to be very careful about what I use on my skin. I've been using carrier oils on my skin for a long time. Did oil cleansing for a few years. Never used grapeseed oil before this. Don't know why. I think I had a lot of misconceptions about this oil because it's used in cooking. Thought it would be "heavy." It's not. Very light oil in both weight and aroma. It absorbs quickly. Doesn't leave an oily feel on your face. I think it would be really good for people with oily skin.

This is a bad time of the year for my skin. I have to be even more concerned about what I use on my skin. It's been inflamed from all the allergens in the year. Especially red and bumpy on the cheeks. My first concern is that a product doesn't make it worse. If it helps, that's even better. Grapeseed oil seems to fit the bill.

For years, I took a medication that had the side effect of hair loss. Lost a lot of my eye lashes, as a result. A few months ago, I started using rosehips oil to help them grow back and they did, a little. It's a long process. The rosehips oil is heavier and has more of an aroma. I read that grapeseed oil helps with this, so I'm switching to a new oil--for me!

Another use for me is putting the grapeseed oil in my aromatherapy roller bottles. It was recommended on a lot of the facebook groups to which I belong. The quicker absorption was the reason for using this instead of some of the other oils. It's also been recommended to use for herb infused oils. I have yet to do this, but it is on my to do list:)" - Kathy August 22, 2015 
"I love products that are 100% natural and this one is top of the line. I added a few drops to my conditioner and it makes my hair feel amazing.I also like that it comes in a big plastic bottle rather than glass, making it less heavy and easier to manage." ~ Casey August 29, 2015 
"Wow is all I can say! I have used this for 2 things now, both things I am impressed with, first I put a few drops on my face to just help with moisturizing, second was my hair at the ends to just see if anything could be done. I have extremely dry ends.

My face went well, smooth and soft, worth the few drops. Def a believer now of essentials oils instead of chemicals, my face has had a huge change with this product.

My hair, I have noticed it doesn't seem to break as much during brushing but I will continue to use as I do feel it is helping." ~ Cory August 29, 2015 
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