Our Story


I am Steven Wagner, the Founder of Lux Skin Oils.

I started Lux Skin Oils on the encouragement of my wife. See, I had bought her some very expensive French cosmetics that were advertised as Almond Oil. Not knowing any better, I thought it was 100% organic Almond Oil. I didn't really think about until one day I read the back of the bottle. My wife has sensitive skin and many cosmetics, perfumes and other beauty products irritate her skin. 

Pure Organic Ingredients
Much to my surprise the bottle was mostly water, grape seed oil and some other scents and preservatives. Almond Oil was the twelfth (12th) ingredient in the bottle!  After my irritation in feeling duped faded. I felt that I could do better and get her the raw Almond Oil WITHOUT any chemicals, fillers, waxes or preservatives. I began searching the world for the best Almond Oil. I learned along the way, the difference from Sweet Almond Oil versus Bitter Almond Oil. (Sweet Almond Oil have no scent, bitter almond oil does). I uncovered how Almond Oil is extracted - cold pressed and chemical separation. I learned that most Almond Growers have only ONE harvesting season so the oils are not always available. 

This was never suppose to be a business...
From what I learned I started making very small batches of Raw, Organic Sweet Almond Oil for my wife. She used them at the sink, in the shower, to enrich her hair and most importantly all the time. She loved the oils so much that she told her friends and her friends wanted some as well. That lead to me buying more oil. Soon orders were coming in from other people. Salons wanted the oil, and that lead to a business. Purely Accidental. 

We sell what we use and try... 
Through all of this, we committed to one main goal. Pure organic ingredients. Nothing else. No commercial bottling. No preservatives to have the oils last longer in the warehouse or on the shelf. Everything we make is natural. In all of our products, the ingredients come from the grower or harvester to us and into your bottle. Nobody in between. Nothing added. 

Freshest Beauty Products
We do not have the biggest catalog of products. We never set out to do that. However, we do have the freshest products. Everything we sell is never more that 45 days old. I do not know another beauty company that can say that. Sometimes it means we may miss a sale when we run out of inventory. But in the end we feel proud to know that when your Lux Skin Oils arrive its as fresh as it can be

Thank you for visiting our web-store and if you haven't already, maybe trying a bottle or two of our oils. 

Spoil Your Skin, 

Steven Wagner


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