Oil Every Month Box

Your Choice Skin & Hair Oils Every Month

Each month you can enjoy a different Lux Skin Oils. Every month you will have the choice by the 10th of each month what oil you would like us to send to you. Then on the 15th we send that oil to you. You can add other products from our store at a discount each month.

Get the next batch

If you love using oils for your health, skin and hair than you already know that fresh oil is healthier. This subscription offers you 3 Options: Month to month, every 3 months, 6 months and annual plans. We ship you the freshest oil every month! 


Get the next batch

If you love using oils for your health, skin and hair than you already know that fresh oil is healthier. This subscription offers you 3 Options: Month to month, every 3 months, 6 months and annual plans. We ship you the freshest oil every month!



How often will I get this box?
Once a month (the 15th) we ship our freshest batch of oil to you.
Is it only One Oil?
Not if you do not want it to be! You can choose by the 10th of each month which oils you want and then on the 15th we send those to you.
What's in the box?
Every box comes with your choice of 4,8 or 16 fl oz bottle. Up to 2 samples and a coupon for between 10% off anything in our store for the next month.


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