Adriana Lima Favorite Almond Oil Beauty Aid

Marie Claire September 2016: 

International Super model Adriana Lima was asked by Marie Claire what beauty aids she is passing on to her daughters. Lima wants to share her love of organic beauty aids that her Brazilian mom taught her. 

Lima has long been a favorite of organic, natural beauty aids. She told Redbook: 

"I keep things as natural as possible," says Lima, who's been a Victoria's Secret model since 2000. "I'll go to the health food store and buy argan, coconut and almond oils to use on my face, body, and hair. They're the best hydrators

One of her top aids is Lux Skin Oils Almond Oil. Lima uses it to soften and nourish her skin. 

"We also used to do beauty treatments together when I was growing up in Brazil. I would go with my mom to the nail salon. And once a week, we would make a homemade hair mask by mashing up an avocado. After washing it out, we'd sit outside to let our hair air-dry in the sun. To this day, she still sends me almond oil that I use as body moisturizer. Nothing makes your skin softer."

Later Lima shares: 

"I'm also trying to pass along similar memories to my daughters, Valentina and Sienna. We love having a girly day, and paint each other's nails. But, more important, I want to share the lessons my mother and grandmother taught me: that beauty comes from within and that accepting all your perfections and imperfections is what makes you unique."

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